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Brid RR - All-Time Lists

John Potter has kindly provided me with the All-Time lists for the Club’s Races.

These give the best times for each of our Members at Club Events since the club was formed in 1983.

Look for your name and see how you compare to runners of the Past and Present.

Anniversary Three Mile

Results: Men & Women

For many years this was more or less a single lap of the old Brid 10K course. In 2012 a new course was devised but, because of bad weather, the first time that it was used for real was in 2013.

Three Hills Race

Results: Men & Women

This is a 6.15 Course that heads out to Boynton along East Road then over to Carnaby.

Constable Handicap

Results: Women

Results: Men & Women

This used to be two races - The Women ran 3.34 miles and Men ran 6.37 miles. Since 2011 it has been a mixed gender race over the longer course.

Downhill Mile, Kilham

Results: Men, Women, Kids

One Mile downhill Time Trial.

Christmas Handicap

Results: Women

Results: Men & Women

Results: New Kilham course

Originally this was also two races. The Women ran 3.34 miles and the Men ran 6.4 miles. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 there was no race because of bad weather.

The 2011 race should have been the first mixed gender race but it has been mixed since then.

In 2017 this event moved to Kilham. The event is now 10K


Computerised Handicapping System

For a Sealed Handicap each runner is allocated an Individual Race Target Time which is based on their recent results.

Points are then allocated on how well runners have performed in respect of their own Target Time.

If you beat your Target Time you get more points than if you don’t.

For a Staggered Handicap Race each runner is still given a Target Time - but in other respects it is the same as the traditional manual system.

2020 Club Results

Winter League 2018/19

Men: Pete Royal

Women: Lynda Gent

Jan - Mar Summer Challenge Pts 2019
Apl - June 2019